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Budget Home Decorating Tips


2 Of The Main Benefits to Do-It-Yourself Home Redecorating

1) Extremely Cost Effective
An interior decorator will charge
tons of money just to TELL YOU what they think.

It gets even more expensive if they are overseeing everything!
By doing it yourself, you have complete control over every facet
of the project...including your budget.

You can create things out of your old belongings,
or decide to buy just small pieces of new furnishings.
It's completely up to you!

2) You Will Have Created Something that ONLY You Can...and
You'll be Much More Proud of it!

Sure, hiring someone else is easier,
but it doesn't give much sense of accomplishment.

Doing it yourself saves the money,
it saves the hassle of dealing with a designer...but it also
allows you to creatively express exactly what you want your room
to look like. A designer will take your thoughts,
and create what THEY THINK you want...

Lower Energy Costs


Chapter 1: Determining Current Costs

Chapter 2: Cost Over Savings Analysis

Chapter 3: Getting Started Finding Your Biggest Needs

Chapter 4: Start Small For Big Savings

Chapter 5: Your Window Savings

Chapter 6: The Fireplace Advantage

Chapter 7: Energy Saving Habits To Develop

Chapter 8: The Thermostat

Chapter 9: Energy Star: Understanding What It Is

Chapter 10: Outside The Home

Chapter 11: Alternative Sources Of Fuel

Chapter 12: The Energy Efficient New Home

62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump


"When The Gas Stations Find Out

How Much Money I Save You -

They'll Be Madder Than A Swarm Of Hornets!"